viernes, 19 de noviembre de 2010


Bayamo, Cuba 19 November 2010
Brothers and Sisters
Few people in the world have been so severely punished as the only Cuban to embrace the dream of freedom and social justice.
Cuba is made to suffer for having won its authenticity as a nation, without caveats, without amendment, not appeasement.
The greatest power in the world wants us to his knees and know that only agree if we bow front, if we take the path that we offer and has the abhorrent form of a yoke.
But the Cubans have decided not to be the ox and take in our hands the star that illuminates and burns.
The prison of our Five Heroes, is not an isolated incident is one more link in a long string of attacks against our people, linking downing of aircraft, bombs in tourist resorts to sabotage our economy, killing of young teachers, introduction of epidemics, a harsh blockade that prevents us with cruelty to purchase in the United States of drugs to cure cancer in children suffering from this disease. On the other hand have provided financial assistance to mercenaries who always say YES when the master's attempts.
The injustice committed against our five brothers raised in today's world the strongest protest, the truth is opening like a flower of light. The condemnation of our heroes is an indelible stain on the flag waved as the U.S. justice system, while a terrorist like Posada Carriles sits in the shadow of a system that no longer distinguishes between good and evil, between right and wrong between the decorative and the indecent.
So, once again, we come to the consciousness of the noble people of the United States, the same that spoke out strongly against the war in Viet-Nam, it said NO against crime Rosemberg spouses, the same people industrious and worship that supports worthy causes throughout the world.
We went to the people of the United States as a gift we give our Truth and affection of a people that has always distinguished between the attitudes of governments and the actions of the people.
We offer our reasons from a country which has never burned the American flag, which teaches us to love other peoples of the world and respect their customs and identities.
Today we ask them to raise their voices against terrorism and injustice against those who attack Cuba, which only aims to forge your destiny without interference. Say No to lies. Today there are five brothers of the people of Cuba who suffer from injustice concocted by the lies and manipulations, tomorrow could be the children of another nation and join our efforts Similarly, doubling the wind would launch campaigns to raise awareness, there also would this noble and proud nation crying out for justice.
If they get up in Cuba will be doing not only our nation but for the right of all men in the world to be free.
Delegates to the Space for Reflection in the Name of Peace.


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