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In 1830, in the El Datil, was born a woman, the daughter of slaves brought from Africa in a merciless operation of abuse, mistreatment, torture and death.

His hands were meant to perform actions that only a person with deep respect for such would be used to heal wounds and saving lives of those who were in danger of losing it.

During those heady days of October 10, 1868 this Cuban joined the struggle for independence in the La Manteca, Guise, where he displayed a laudable activity feeding the insurgents.

In his mind was planted the idea that the main contribution to the cause would be cespediana ensure the health of those injured in combat, although she wielded the machete on more than one occasion.

The colonialists, knowing who that woman was, brave, bold and loyal to mambisado, he viciously persecuted, so he emigrated to Camagüey to continue fighting.

He did not relent in the effort to continue to contribute as a nurse to the cause of independence and freedom, so in Camagüey land constituted a field hospital in a cave in the Powder Loma.

At the site of the Sierra de Najasa deployed a work in caring for those wounded in combat using herbs well known to heal the wounded insurgents.

Rosa Maria Castellanos, Rosa Bayamesa became an exemplary fighter, participating in the actions of Palo Seco and Naranjo, in which he demonstrated his courage.

Maximo Gomez met her at the hospital and said: ¨¨ have come to know, there is no name who does not know you for your noble deeds and great services offered to the motherland.

Rosa Bayamesa grades Captain reached the Liberation Army since become a paradigm not only for women of the island, but for men too.

After the war, 95 and that republic instituted the custom of the United States Government, Rosa were withdrawn assets which belonged to him as a member of the Liberation Army.

On that occasion he had to engage in the activities of midwife to survive in the midst of the situation created by the US presence on the island.

On September 4, 1907, the council approved a pension you 25 pesos per month but 21 days after Rosa died due to heart 

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